Best Surfing Spots In Brazil

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September 14, 2015
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September 12, 2018

Best Surfing Spots In Brazil


Surfing is a great way to get out in the water and be able to enjoy the waves. However, for a lot of people struggle to find the best surfing spots to go to. This is why people need to know about the best surfing spots in Brazil, before they even decide to leave their home country or home town. By knowing about these spots, it will be easy for people to know where they should be booking their trips to and know if they are going to have a good time or not.

Pitangueras is one of the top rated surfing spots in Brazil. In fact, this area is rated as a 4 star location and has some decent waves. This wave is a beach break and can be surfed both left and right. This beach is rated for beginners and does not have any major hazards that would hurt surfers other than a potential run in with the locals.

Praia do Futuro is another beach that is great for people to go surfing. This beach has a wave quality rating of 3 and it does have a beach break that will make it easier for people to use and learn on. The waves break both left and the right, but this beach is meant more for the intermediate surfers and not really beginner friendly. The best part is this is a beach that does not have any real crowds that come to it and this makes it easier for people to enjoy the beach.

Pratigi is a beach that has a great wave quality rating of 5 and the waves have a tendency to break right on the beach. These waves have a chance to come in from the left and the right as well, which is common here. This is a beach that has a strong tendency to be empty as well and this helps people enjoy the surfing even more because it will make it easier for people to get on the beach and know they do not have to worry about a huge crowd getting in the way of their surfing.

Joaquina beach is another beach that people will enjoy. This is a beach that has a 4 star rating on the wave quality. This is another beach break, but unlike the other beaches it will have waves it only has a left. So this is going to provide people with a great beach experience, but they need to realize there are quite a few rips at this beach that can prove hazardous.

When people are looking at taking a surfing holiday, they will quickly find it is hard to find the right beach to go to. This is when people should know about the best surfing spots in Brazil. By knowing about these spots, people can easily take a surfing vacation and know it will be legendary.

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