Catch A Wave On The South Coast Of Brazil

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October 28, 2015
kitesurfing brazil
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September 14, 2018

Catch A Wave On The South Coast Of Brazil

kitesurfing brazil

Brazil is a country that is known as one of the premier tourist destinations on the planet – and for good reason.

This is simply one of the most beautiful countries on the face of the planet for those who want to not only explore unique flora and fauna – but also enjoy fantastic nightlife and some of the most awe inspiring beaches on the globe.

And it is not only those beaches – but the ocean that runs down its 7,500 km coastline that has been drawing those in love with water sports to the country for decades.

The Atlantic seaboard of Brazil draws divers. parasailers, kayakers and numerous other lovers of the salt water. But there is another attraction – especially on the South Coast of the country – surfing.

The beauty of Brazilian surf spots is that there really is something for everyone. Sandy beaches. rocky outcrops and reefs are all there for the enjoyment of the adventurous surfer.

With that much choice available what are some of the most popular surf spots on Brazil’s South Coast where the energy of the Atlantic means great waves and excitement.

1. Santa Catarina Island.

This island off the east coast of Brazil is the perfect choice for those in search of great breaks combined with exciting nightlife.

Catch A Wave On The South Coast Of Brazil

One of the best bets for those who are planning on visiting the island is Mocambique Beach. This is a spot that delivers all the time – even when other spots don’t. It has the reputation for being consistent – perhaps not the biggest of waves, but the beach break always has something to offer, including some nice little barrels for those who have the patience.

2. Campeche.

If the swell is running right, the wind is in the right direction and the sandbars have migrated into perfect alignment then this is a place where the surf can be perfect. But it doesn’t fire that often.


If you are lucky enough to encounter these conditions (which don’t come along that often) you will be able to enjoy a right hand break and a sandy bottom – and wipeouts that won’t do even the novice any harm.

3. Guarda do Embaú.

If you leave the beauty of Santa Catarina Island behind and head to mainland just south of the island you’ll find Praia da Guarda.

The waves here are courtesy of a river mouth which builds sandbanks which create a left break which is among the best that Brazil has to offer.

Guarda do Embaú.


Fair warning – locals are extremely protective of this spot. But be respectful of their rights and you could be in for a day on the water that will rival any that can be found across the globe. Surfing is seasonal with some days when the waves are off limits due to local fish species migration. But catch it at the right time and you can forget the locals – there may not be another person in sight.

4. Joaquina.

At first glance this beach set in the middle of the Santa Catarina coastline may not look like much. A choppy left. But there are a number of choices when it comes to takeoff points. And in the right conditions. when the wave height improves it can offer some incredible waves. When it gets to about 12 foot it is fantastic. But be warned – this beach is close to Florianopolis – a major metropolitan area. It can get crowded – so once again – show some respect for the locals.

Brazil’s South Coast offers exceptional surfing opportunities – be respectful of both environment and locals and you will have the time of your life.

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