September 17, 2018
The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park Of Brazilll

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park Of Brazil

The South American country of Brazil has a variety of national parks that feature everything from plants and animals to incredible rock formations. In all, there are a total of 69 national parks in the country and many can be considered breathtaking to say the least. The Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses, or Lençóis Maranhenses National Park as it’s written in English is one of the most spectacular places on earth and is a must see on any visit to the Maranhao state that is located along the coastline in northeastern Brazil. It is a protected area of 383,000 acres and occupies 43 miles of coastline along the South Atlantic ocean.

September 14, 2018
kitesurfing brazil

What Do You Know About Kitesurfing In Northern Brazil?

What do you know about kitesurfing in Northern Brazil? If you’re like most Americans, probably not all that much. Then again, you might have a high-energy friend or family member that recently went down there and had an amazing time, doing all sorts of things, including kitesurfing.

September 12, 2018
kitesurfing brazil

Catch A Wave On The South Coast Of Brazil

Brazil is a country that is known as one of the premier tourist destinations on the planet – and for good reason.

Learn more about surfing in BrazilLearn more about surfing in Brazil


We love surfing whether in Brazil or in any of the amazing surf spots around the world. If your vacation is taking you some place out check out these surf shops, kite school, and surfing lessons.


September 14, 2015

The Importance Of Kitesurfing Lessons

The majority of us enjoy exploring new destinations and having new experiences during a holiday break, and one of the most exciting experiences is to discover a new sport or activity. When visiting an ocean destination, many individuals will choose to try a water sport of some sort. The most popular activity is surfing; however, kite surfing is beginning to grow in popularity and even overtake the popularity of traditional surfing methods. Unfortunately, it is not possible to begin kite surfing without having some knowledge of the sport. This information, and instructions on how to complete the activity, can be attained by completing kite surfing lessons. The article below will provide reasons as to why lessons are imperative when kitesurfing Cape Town.